Introducing the SBZ Hot Comb


The SBZ Hot Comb is the perfect tool for professional stylists and non-professionals. Using this hot comb is the ideal way to ensure your lace closure, frontal or even your natural hair to lays uniformly flat and silky straight for an amazing finish.


The Look - The Sleek Look is different from your average hot comb. It's specially designed to fit well in the hand.

The Build - This tool is designed with luxury in mind. The SBZ Hot Comb is built to be durable and maintain its quality after multiple uses.


The Size - The SBZ Hot Comb is large enough to get the job done but small enough to fit in your bag. The attached power cord and low-profile construction makes it perfect for traveling.


The Heat - The SBZ Hot comb has 20 different settings that can reach up to 450 degrees.  It also cools down in a matter of seconds.


The SBZ Hot Comb is endorsed by your favorite stylist, Zahna Williams.  Pre-order yours today and be the first to receive yours when it drops! 

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