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Ready to Wear Wigs Will Resume September 1st

How do the "Ready to wear" option work?


Hey ladies! So the "Ready to wear" option is a new process I am trying! If your reading this right now, there are 15 wigs in stock. As you can see there are no sizes on any of the wigs, WHY? Because if you like a wig that is shown on my site based off the inches and patterns provided, you can go in and put your head size, add custom color, add or take away layers, change style(only for natural wave texture), and change part. So you can build your own wig how you would want. OR if you like how the wig is styled already you can get that same exact style.


For all other custom orders, if you have your own hair or would like for me to provide the hair, because maybe you want different inches than what I have on my ready to wear options(you will have to purchase before-hand),  you can book a custom wig order by clicking book custom wig order on main page. There will be options to customize your wig along with paying for your wig services and any extra services.


Please read all options and select your choice. Failure to read each description and to choose the correct options for your wig will result in a delay of your order. Once options are chosen, no changes can be made.


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