Bring edges back to life | How to nurture thinning edges!

Bring edges back to life | How to nurture thinning edges!

Photo by Isaiah McClean

Everyone wants great edges. It's one of the most recognizable sings of great hair but often, our edges don't flourish as they should. I have often been asked about some ways to rejuvenate thinning edges.

I always recommend to keep as much tension off your edges. A great way to do that is by wearing glueless wigs. And always moisturize your hair at night!

If you have a sew-in, I recommend using lighter oils such as tea tree oil Thicker oils can leak onto the weave and will have you walking around with super oily weave!

But keeping your edges moisturized is the number one task for repairing damaged edges. If your doing all of the above and still no results a dermatologist should be visited.

Here are few more tips to get your edges to bounce back:

  1. Avoid styles that place tension on your edges. For example, tight ponytails and micro braids.
  2. Massage your edges with oil. Use Castor, Sulfur oil or mix them!
  3. Avoid over brushing your edges
  4. Keep your edges moisturized. Dry hair is more prone to breakage.
  5. If you relax your hair, apply the relaxer to your edges(and nape)last.


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