Wig Care


  • To make your wig, and wig styles last longer, REMOVE you wig every night when you go to bed.

  • Co wash your unit every week depending on how much product has been used on the hair.
  • Always brush you wig from the ends to the top to reduce shedding and tangling and pulling of thread.
  • Prep your wigs at night by pin curling, rolling and or setting your curls(curly hair) so in the morning you wig is ready to be put on and you can go with little to nothing to do with your hair in the morning.
  • Use StyledbyZahna lace lay to mold all wigs , and StyledbyZahna swirly curly to set all curl hair.
  • Please be gentle with lace. Lace is fragile, so please do not be rough on your lace to prevent shedding and balding.
  • We offer closure and frontal replacement
  • Be aware, the more you wear your wig, the more your band will stretch. you can come in for a tighten or you can refer to my elastic band tutorial.
  • Refer to StyledbyZahna product list for more information.


For more information on the specific products we suggest for your wigs, click the form below to download our official guide!