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She'Z Gracious Swirly Curl
Light weight detangle/leave-in spray for curly hair. Helps contain curls from frizz. Leaves shine Works best with saturating hair first with water then applying swirly curly. Once fully saturated, brush with SBZ detangle brush or a paddle brush then let...
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She'Z Gracious Lace Lay
Light weight styling foam that can be used to create light baby hairs. When you need the part on you hair whether its lace or leave out to lay extra flat before you style, you can use lace lay to...
Quik Detangle Brush
Great for hair types 3a-4c Detangle with your fav moisturizer, or conditioner or just wet hair to detangle and help your curls pop  Painless Less shedding  Can detangle in have the time you would normally take  Perfect for ladies and...
She'Z Gracious Hot Comb
  Ceramic Plates Fast heating 20 levels of heat up to 450 degrees For natural hair, closures and frontals
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SBZ Velcro Lace Grips - Brown
Helps with extra security for wigs. How to use:1. Place WIG BAND on your hair line, with the lace part where you want your part on your lace closure or frontal to lay,  Tuck it behind your ear.2. Secure WIG...
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She'Z Gracious Slick Stix
· Light weight · Smooths down flyaways and frizzy hairs · Helps flatten leavouts, closures and frontals. · Works amazing with SBZ hot comb for an extra flat lay.
StyledByZahna Finishing Stix
· Smoothes flyaways on the go. · Easy and small enough to travel anywhere with.
She'Z Gracious Heat Protectant
· Stands up to blow drying, curling and flat ironing while still nourishing your hair. · Light weight. · Protects hair from heat up to 450 degrees. · Provides shine along with heat protection. · A little goes a long...
She'Z Gracious Volume Stay
· Light weight holding spray. · Is good to lightly spray on curls for a light hold. · Can also be used in assisting with laying down hairs on lace that may need help lying flat. · Works amazing with...
She'Z Gracious Blow It Out Serum
Works amazing on natural hair, leave outs and weave. Apply to wet hair before blow drying before you apply your SBZ heat protectant. Make sure you apply from roots to ends. The quality of your dryer has a serious outcome...
SBZ Lace Melt Band
Great for melting lace in skin on frontals and closures to gibe a flawless natural look. Also good to wear at night to secure lace and edges.
She's Gracious Curly Hair Kit
Introducing the new She's Gracious Curly Hair Kit. Perfect for Natural Hair, Wigs and Bundles. The kit includes: She's Gracious Lace Lay She's Gracious Quik Detangle Brush She's Gracious Swirly Curl
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